Monday, June 15, 2009

"Art Against War"

At long last I did some spring cleaning on my computer and uncovered pictures I forgot I had from the "Art Against War" show. I also found stuff from my commencement exhibition from last spring (but we'll save those for a rainy day). In any case, I figure better late than never.

For folks that don't know, the "Art Against War" show was a silent auction/benefit for I.V.A.W. (Iraq Veterans Against the War). We featured the work of their members and members of the community who share the sentiment that the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan need to come to their immediate and rightful end.
The day of the show, there was a workshop held for veterans only where they were given the space and resources to express their stories and emotions with art. Then there was the exhibition where everyone got to show their work. There were also poetry readings performed by the veterans from the Warrior Writers Collection as well as some anti-war folk songs performed by my fellow event organizer Ryan.

Here are some photos from the show:

Photos: 1,2: Prints from featured artist/I.V.A.W. member Aaron Hughes 3: Featured artist/I.V.A.W. member Drew Cameron, prints on combat paper 4: I.V.A.W. member reading from Warrior Writers Collection 5: View of exhibit 6: I.V.A.W. member Trey Kindlinger reading from Warrior Writers Collection 7: Exhibit view 8: Print by artist Nadine Bloch, "Saro Wiwa" 9: Audience 10: D.C. street artist BORF contributed this screenprint 11: Photo collage by a MICA Grad student/Iraq Veteran 12: Featured artist/I.V.A.W. member Jon Turner, print on combat paper


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