Monday, October 22, 2007

This week has been insane, and also good.

I have my bike now. It's made a huge difference.

Wednesday I attended a rally for equality in the Baltimore public school system, it was organized by high school students and other young students from the Baltimore Algebra Project. They're really an amazing/inspiring group. I committed to getting arrested, but amazingly didn't.

The rest of the week I was doing about a million other things, one of which was a radical calendar zine. It was amazing to be done, and now the next one needs to get rolling.

I for some reason [blatant stupidity] agreed to collaborate/contribute to a few different peoples projects, and thought I could maybe finish an illo I'd be content with for the Indy. In the mean time, there is no progress on my thesis, and have yet to think too deeply about the other 12 pages of my 16 page 40+ edition zine due Friday. I was however glad to participate in this zine about being of "mixed breed". This was my contribution:


Then I spent the weekend mostly at the 2007 Mid-Atlantic Radical Book Fair. There were so many amazing talks. A total oasis of radical thinkers.
Here are some of the talks I attended, and not one was even remotely bad. Each one was more compelling than the next.
- Muhammad Ahmed presents "We Will Return in the Whirlwind: Black Radical Organization 1960-1975"
- Unconventional Action in Denver and the Twin Cities
- Radical References: Community Librarianship and Free/Open Source Technology
- Update from occupied Afghanistan from a member of RAWA (Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan)
- Ashanti Alston on international organizing
- Erik Ruin presents "Realizing the Impossible: Art Against Authority"
- Joy James presents "Warfare in the American Heartland: Policing & Prisons in a Penal Democracy, with a special phone-in by Black Panther and political prisoner Marshall "Eddie" Conway
- Independent journalist Dahr Jamail on the Iraq War, with members of Iraq Veterans Against the War

There were also too many amazing sounding talks I missed. There were always 3 talks/workshops going on at all times.

In any case, it was a lot to take in, but thought provoking in the best way.

In a few hours I'm pretty sure I'll be headed to a protest in D.C.

Dang, I have so much shit to do.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Per-Post #1

Today has been an exceptionally good day for my notions on art.
In the morning I learned that my etching made it into the juried show. So did my studio mates' painting, which made me doubly happy.

In the afternoon I went to the single best convention in my life; SPX!

What follows is kind of photo heavy? I got overzealous you could say. I don't know how to cut posts on blogger just yet. Sorry ya'll

The studio;
Don't let the sun
Best view from anywhere on campus.

Icarus Red Bar Stool
Painting I did based off of the myth of Icarus and Daedulus. Used it as an allegory for the generation protesters from the Civil Rights Era, and how their relationship with the contemporary protest is effecting the capacity of younger protesters.

I think the bar stool opens up an interesting dialogue.

Another painting I'm working on. It's going to be about the Campaign that took place last month to get the day laborers at Camden Yards a living wage. The guy pictured was a worker, and was one of the first to get the other workers organized and then get them involved with the UWA.

Photo of all of the goodies I got at the Small Print Expo;

What a damn amazing place. The people that I spoke to there were completely amazing. Made me feel so many million times better about being an artist.

Now I need to wake up to some level of reality and clean my room and do the dishes. It's historically the most disastrous it's ever been to my knowledge.. and I figure it would be good for it to be clean if I'll be going home for a while. Plus.. I've been really hurting my feet lately, stepping on all sorts of mess.

Christ. You know it ain't easy. You know how hard it could be.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Holy Cow!

"'Korean leaders issue peace call'”
"The leaders of North and South Korea have signed a joint declaration calling for a permanent peace deal on the Korean Peninsula."

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Katrina Victims
The illo I did for the print version of this article;

"Surviving in Mormon Country: A Review of “Desert Bayou” Dir. Alex LeMay”
Public consciousness is moot

Take a gander at the 'most read' section. Somehow in the world of public consciousness, Britney Spears' custody battle ranks higher, or is at least more critical than finding out about all of the shit going down in Burma -which is at the bottom of a list of mostly trivial bullshit.

I'm confident in the direction the world is taking.