Saturday, February 19, 2011

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

on street art and gentrification in brief

a beautiful swoon piece that i've seen the past couple months while strolling through my respective hood.

however as beautiful and refreshing it is to see images that are not of the standard saturation of glamorized anglo-american stick figures; its hard to refute that once art goes up in a neighborhood without the consent of the community [or at the very least keeping the struggles of that community in mind] the art has a tendency  to turn the wheels of gentrification in that direction. prime examples: williamsburg, bushwick, lower east side, china town, etc.

still on the fence as to what i think about it tho. in spite of the consequences of putting work up in mid-low income neighborhoods; everyone deserves to see well crafted and stunning images without having to go and throw down money in some bullshit museum. we should all be so lucky to be caught off guard by an image so striking on the way to the bus.

more on this later.

Sunday, January 31, 2010

non objective landscape no. 1: colored pen on squared paper: january 2010

the upkeep of this blog has been negligible at best. there hasn't been a terrible lot going on; but enough to merit an update i suppose. since my last post i lost my job > was unemployed for two months > finally received unemployment checks a whole week before starting a new job > new job > new bad-a apt. > rent > scary hospital bills > student loan bills > other bills > got a sweet library card from the nypl > etc.

so yes. i started working at a semi-obscure art supply store a little before christmas. it's nice.
i like knowing what i'm doing. it's just a little comical is all. when i was in between jobs i had no money, but all the time in the world. now i've got no time, and essentially no money either. jaja. what a riot.

in any case. i have mad projects swirling around in my head. it's a good time for a list:

a. paintings/prints of all the reference photos i've taken/collected since graduating college.
b. semi-auto-biographic graphic novel
c. mystery portrait series
d. more photos

then handi-work/money needing projects:
1. screenprinting set up (exposure unit, and printing/drying space)
2. need new inkjet printer (the one i inherited sucks and is also out to knock down the last leg my brave little desktop is standing on)
3. renting 0r getting access to an etching studio

misc. other intents:
• creating an installation with the work i've made
• working in a garden
• liberation

yea. i have my work cut out for me. now to nurse my paper cuts and so on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

foto essplosion

Been getting out of work early this week. Lately I've been so inexplicably restless and itching to see things and be around people, etc.

I saw this dead bird in Tribeca yesterday.

Went riding around on my bike trying to figure out if my respective geographical locale had anything worth doing/seeing. Ended up by Marine Park-Park and decided to explore the marsh that's across the street from it on Ave. U. Hard to believe its Brooklyn. Then again the whole time I was losing my shit over how beautiful everything was with the wind, 100 feet back in 'civilization' some douche was playing their base so super loud; harshed my mellow hardcore. It was a little scary fo sho, kept thinking I'd run into a disgruntled marshland creature or something. Upon making my exit, I got lost for two hours trying to find my way back to the street. Oops.

The bottom photos are of my hood. Wish I lived on a boat.

My darling companion and better half. Takes me everywhere for free and never asks for anything in return. What more could a girl ask for?

Monday, October 5, 2009

i am a professional

this is what i've been doing at work when i'm not being utilized as a receptacle for asshole customer tantrums.






apparently my subconscious is preoccupied with death, argyle motifs and vehicular transport. good to know.

today was amazingly slow; i got in a few more drawings than i put up. one i am currently polishing off.

otherwise, been an interesting past couple of weeks to the say the least. among other things, i'm currently in the process of half-settling into a studio space. excited to finally have the space to do the work i've been itching to do for months. i'm not a religious person, but i say hallelujah! hallelujah.