Monday, April 5, 2010

hello all.
again, apologies for my regrettable absence from this dear blog of mine. i got laid off from my stupid job not too long ago, so i've had some time to do things i like again. it's been majorly refreshing and i feel like i'm in a place where i can re-evaluate what it is i want to do with myself and what i'm good at/know.

while i was pretty grateful for some of the things that i got from working at the art store (a list will make an appearance soon); i don't miss being on my feet 40 hours a week, and having to put up with the most miserable and petty person i've ever had the misfortune of working with.

non-objective landscape no. 4; colored pen on lined paper. march, 2010

nice stuff that came out of working at the art store:
- i got a 20% discount off of stuff, and boy did i take advantage of that shit
- free drying racks for my screen printing set up
- mad samples from all the companies the store carried (for example, i'll never need blue or yellow acrylic paint again)
- first dibs on the closeout super marked down/discontinued shit
- got a free fancy-ass prosciutto sandwich from a customer on that crazy snow day
- another time a dude came in and just dropped all these sweet jazz cds on the counter and left
- made some good connections to some worthwhile folks
- i also used to switch out normal coins for all of the crazy foreign change and old school pennies and shit like that from the the register. built up a pretty solid collection.

but then again; working retail is the mother-fucking worst - am i rite? or am i rite?
it was tolerable for the first month or two, but then shit just got really unbearable, really fast.

i'll spare you my theories (nay, ramblings) of what i deem to be a generation of impotent over-qualified but mostly lazy youth being stuck in these benign and meaningless positions in a wasteland of exploitation ridden work environments.

in any event. the timing perhaps could not have been better. i headed out to queens today to pay my respects and my near-extinct money to victory factory. i got nearly everything i was in dire need of in order to get my screen printing studio to be functional. it's pretty damn exciting to be so close to using it, i must say.

if i can figure out the whole tax id / street vendor license bullshit; i'll probably try to set up camp in union square and sell shit on the day to day. i'm a little apprehensive about it because i've heard that folks get mad territorial and shit and sabotage one another any chance they get. something i'd prefer to avoid if its true, but we'll see i suppose.

then outside of all of this selfish art stuff, i'm gonna be getting into some other exciting projects as well. i joined the food co-op the other day. instead of working a regular shift at the store, i'll be doing organizing for the brooklyn food coalition in sunset park. food justice is something that is a pretty new horizon for me; but i acknowledge it as something pretty critical in tearing down the walls of systematic classism and racism that is still all too real for far too many people in this city.

then another project that i've been into and vaguely associated with is the peoples transportation program. the most i've done so far has been to swipe random people into the train stations as i'm getting out, while i still have my unlimited metro card. well, in truth i do that anyway; but i found out that its an activity they promote and is not something that'll get a person in trouble. after learning that, i started doing it with way more tenacity and regularity.

it'll be nice to have time to make real commitments to these projects that i find to be pretty crucially important. i'm nothing short of totally stoked on all fronts.

otherwise, it's been a busy fucking week. and that my friends is the way it should be.