Wednesday, June 16, 2010

on street art and gentrification in brief

a beautiful swoon piece that i've seen the past couple months while strolling through my respective hood.

however as beautiful and refreshing it is to see images that are not of the standard saturation of glamorized anglo-american stick figures; its hard to refute that once art goes up in a neighborhood without the consent of the community [or at the very least keeping the struggles of that community in mind] the art has a tendency  to turn the wheels of gentrification in that direction. prime examples: williamsburg, bushwick, lower east side, china town, etc.

still on the fence as to what i think about it tho. in spite of the consequences of putting work up in mid-low income neighborhoods; everyone deserves to see well crafted and stunning images without having to go and throw down money in some bullshit museum. we should all be so lucky to be caught off guard by an image so striking on the way to the bus.

more on this later.

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