Wednesday, October 7, 2009

foto essplosion

Been getting out of work early this week. Lately I've been so inexplicably restless and itching to see things and be around people, etc.

I saw this dead bird in Tribeca yesterday.

Went riding around on my bike trying to figure out if my respective geographical locale had anything worth doing/seeing. Ended up by Marine Park-Park and decided to explore the marsh that's across the street from it on Ave. U. Hard to believe its Brooklyn. Then again the whole time I was losing my shit over how beautiful everything was with the wind, 100 feet back in 'civilization' some douche was playing their base so super loud; harshed my mellow hardcore. It was a little scary fo sho, kept thinking I'd run into a disgruntled marshland creature or something. Upon making my exit, I got lost for two hours trying to find my way back to the street. Oops.

The bottom photos are of my hood. Wish I lived on a boat.

My darling companion and better half. Takes me everywhere for free and never asks for anything in return. What more could a girl ask for?

Monday, October 5, 2009

i am a professional

this is what i've been doing at work when i'm not being utilized as a receptacle for asshole customer tantrums.






apparently my subconscious is preoccupied with death, argyle motifs and vehicular transport. good to know.

today was amazingly slow; i got in a few more drawings than i put up. one i am currently polishing off.

otherwise, been an interesting past couple of weeks to the say the least. among other things, i'm currently in the process of half-settling into a studio space. excited to finally have the space to do the work i've been itching to do for months. i'm not a religious person, but i say hallelujah! hallelujah.