Friday, April 3, 2009

So before I acknowledge my regretful negligence towards this blog, I would like to take a moment to remember the economy. What a bastard.

Alright, so rolling back to why I've decided to post after such a long absence. To point out the obvious, the economy is going down-down baby, down-down the roller-coaster.. so to speak. Since my last post, I've relocated to the belly of the economic beast as it were. Funny how things are bad all over, but you would never guess it the way people incessantly continue to shop like it's going out of style, which I imagine is the only way to go? Thoughts?
I'm still optimistic about the future though, just now my optimism is grounded in the the harsh realities of the earth we will most likely face (and hey, it might actually unite us as a people.. unless of course someone invents a lo-tech ipod/facebook/twitter and so on) more-so than my previous encounters with good vibrations and free food that were keeping me adequately aloof to how things were/are.

I have yet to post anything from the "Art Against War" show from last April, or my thesis.. from last May. Total fail!

In any case, while I'm not crazy about the latest illustration I did for the Indy, it's been featured on their front page, which was kind of a big deal in my book. Here's the article it accompanied. Globalization for the win!

"The Great Unraveling"

In other news, Raúl Alfonsín died the other day. He was the first democratically elected President in Argentina after the Military Coup in the 1970's. He was a good guy, so while not a personal acquaintance, still sad to see he passed on.

Hope everyone has more than avoided being swallowed whole by the voracious appetite of the market.


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