Sunday, January 27, 2008

Classes only just started last Tuesday, I have about 3 classes+ 2 audits, and in the spirit of last minute scrambling knee deep in work that I apparently reserved for my last semester ever at college.
Actually, hardly any of what I have ahead of me is school work. I've taken up quite a few projects in excess. I'm working simultaneously on about 4 or 5 different fliers for varying events. Dumpster diving, obviously. Working on zines for the 9 teach-ins and workshops. Cleaning my room, which is a constant and undying battle.
One of my classes is an independent etching study with the most inspiring teacher in my experience. In short, I'm doing an homage to Goya's "Disastros de la Guerre" series, and make a "Disasters of American Imperialism" series. This is probably the most important thing I can ever wish to do at school, and I can't wait to start tearing into that copper.

I feel like I'm forgetting to mention something, so I'll live without it for the time being. I'm going to get back to working on my positives for a three-color screenprint. Peace.

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