Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I went back to New York this weekend for a class excursion. The duration of the time was spent being internally griping about some stupid girl and her inconsiderate snobbery that forced me into a bus for 6 hours more than I would have liked. It's a long story that I'd rather not recall.
The rest of the time I was left to observe the art has become completely fetishised (sp?) and undoubtedly commodified to the max in this city. There was this exhibit, that while the message was admirable it just confirmed a bunch of things for me. Essentially this gallery (26th b/w 10th+11th) had asked artists and had an open call for art not to exceed postcard size to be sold for $75 each, and the proceeds would go to aids researchers.

Whatever. Chelsea just drives me nuts. Occasionally I manage to come across some work that I actually appreciate and identify with, but generally when that happens I wonder about the artist. If they're just filled with a masochistic sort of vacuity and just see no other way in facilitating their work into the public; or if they just happen to be self-serving parasites that don't take issue in subjecting themselves to this sort of exposure in order to make some money. If you can't tell, Chelsea make me gag.

There was just one point where I was with my class, and then I just wasn't because I had to leave. Maybe it was the paint fumes, maybe it was the raging insurrectionist within me that was dying a little bit by hearing the gallery assistant talking to a buyer on the phone. Goodness.

So I was just got the hell out of there without much hesitation, and walked through the West Village, which is a place that is confusing to navigate. It was a pleasant walk, but for some reason I couldn't help but feel like an angry homeless person or something. I don't know.
Before long I was near the Bowery/China Town-ish region, and was refreshed to see some street art. The only place I see a future for myself. It's always good that the Pearl Paint is there too. I found a really great surface to do paintings on, and I'm excited to start working. I just need to find a vegan alternative to rabbit skin glue.

Yes. Now I'm in Baltimore enjoying some veggie Pad Thai from Thairish.

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Eric said...

the wheat paste with the guy second picture down. Well the kid who made that is a freshman if you didn't already know that
-Eric G