Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Oh man.

I'll start this by sharing a poster I created for a friends show, that's tomorrow night. It's weird to think that I made an endeavor to design this opposed to just sharing inforamtion in a way I found appealing and direct. There's so much unecessary banter in the art world surrounding the labeling of practice within art.

I just came from a critique where a girl expressed an interest in pursuing animation as a new avenue since painting had grown tired. My teacher made the important distinction however that it was still a painting.
I've run into the same thing when I would ask for critiques on the "illustrations" I've done for the Indy. People were interested in them, and once I revealed their contexts, they were completely dismissed.
For some reason painters really turn their noses up at illustration, and during critiques it's used as a derogatory term almost; "Be careful, these paintings look too illustrative. Try to avoid this.. blah blah" and I don't understand this. I don't treat my illustrations as illustrations either, and perhaps even my view is too narrow. I approach them as if they were paintings. The task is to covey convey the writers' specific view; so when I work on them, I would simply search a little deeper than usual to inject my perspective on the images I would be working with since I hadn't actually experienced them firsthand. Why is this a bad thing?

Really, I don't understand the necessity to categorize these pursuits when the intent is all the same; to convey a message in a way that reflects the creators aesthetic intent, time investment, personal experience, nostalgia, etc.

During the radical bookfair there was a moment after the "Anarchism & Art" talk where a member of the audience noted how crafting and the desire to create things with one's hands is an innate impulse for most people, and that the compulsion to define it as art or craft, and the notion of avante garde attitutudes on art have really limited arts' capacity by alienating large pools of individuals that effectively have the same goals. Really these people should be nurtured and emboldened to do these things, but instead they are belittled and patronized.

Funny how this wasn't my intention for posting. But I went there. Oh yes.

Anyway, I really wanted to share my experience last night going dumpster diving for the very first time.

It was a truly exhilarating experience, and I don't think I'll ever be able to look at grocery shopping the same way ever again. We went to a Trader Joe's in one of the suburbs, and apparently they ordered a surplus of over $4,000 in food, so some of the shipments they were getting were just sent directly to the trash. It's crazy. There was so soooo much good food there, I was just totally nonplussed in many ways. We managed to load an entire mini-van full with produce, and pies, breads (Ezekial Bread to be more specific), cheeses (buffalo milk mozzarella anyone?), etc.

It's weird to think of the amount I took as modest, but it is in relation to the overall acquisition. We got back around 4AM, going back to my apt. I was on my bike, and was just really grateful to get anything really, so you will hear no complaints from this end. Here's a list of the goods:
- Sparkling Cranberry Juice
- Les Salades du Midi (lamb's lettues)
- Asparagus
- Harvest Medley (blend of root veggies)
- Broccoli Florets
- Zucchini
- "Stew Mix" Vegetables
- Organic White Button Mushrooms
- Vegetable Pizza
- Certified Organic Mixed Pears
- Ezekiel 4:9 Cinnamon Raisin Bread
- Certified Organic Roma Tomatoes
- Ciabatta Rolls
- Sliced Mango
- Marinated Celigne Mozarella Cheese
- Apple Pie
- Cherry Pie
- Tarte d'Amande de Chocolat (Dark Chocolate Almond Tart)

I also got a pecan pie and pumpkin pie tart that I gave to a friend who works for food not bombs.
I was just floored. I can't imagine how much that would have cost.
I can't imagine ever having to pay for food again.

And what a colossal waste. That all would have been in a landfill in two or three days, rotting away.
Fucken ay man.

I'm just stoked at the timing too, because I missed this weeks pay roll. But now pay checks just seem unnecessary and inconsequential in the grande scheme of things.

This is a dream world.


Daniel Paul Hetteix said...

Holy fuck, Buffalo Cheese. That shit is expensive, yo. It's the best kind of cheese possible for pizzas, apparently. I totally overlooked that on my first read-through.

the rogue optimist said...

Whoa, I did not know this.

Now I feel foolish for not taking any.

I'm coming home Tuesday!