Sunday, September 30, 2007

Right now I'm printing out copies of my zine, and plan on bringing them to a vendor at the Baltimore Book Fair whose been selling zines from my class. These however are free, because aside from producing the images, there was in essence no direct cost (aside from MICA tuition) in printing them. I'll post some photos soon.

I went to the protest yesertday and got to speak to Carlos Arredondo a little bit, and got more detailed information, which if nothing else is the only reason why this protest was worth attending.

Coincidentally, one of the Indy editors was at the protest with some of the interns distributing copies of the paper.

Here's the article I just submitted to the NY Indypendent Editors:

Amidst all of the distorted accounts of pro-war attendee numbers [for the Sept. 15th Anti-War rally in D.C.], and their sympathetic stance as part of the silent minority that approve of the racist and criminal war in Iraq, there seemed to be a general omission of all of the inflammatory remarks and actions made on their behalf.
Once the 'die-in' had been underway, Carlos Arredondo, a member of the Gold Star Families for Peace, had been walking down Constitution Avenue with the coffin of his son Alex, and some supporters. What soon unfolded would shock all of the protesters, and supporters immediately surrounding him.
A member of the "Gathering of Eagles", a faction of pro-war aggressors, had ripped the photograph of Alex from the coffin and darted towards his cronies to revel in the despicable act. As soon as Carlos had caught wind of this, he raced out to retrieve the photo of his son. This was the excuse the G.o.E. were waiting for, and immediately about 5 or 6 of the husky brutes loaded on top of Carlos, beating him in the head and had it not been for the help of some nearby activists, he would have most probably been left for dead.
The police arrived on the scene after the brutalizing had ceased only extend to extend it further, without hesitation a group of 7 to 10 officers had jumped in unison atop of the already severely injured Carlos. "You're attacking the victim! You're attacking the victim!" cried an outraged onlooker. The the main instigator had already fled, and the police were only left to take testimony from a few of the pro-war goons, and nearby witnesses. The entire series of events had
been caught on film, and had it not been for that the Police were dead-set on apprehending Carlos.
According to Carlos was rushed off on an ambulance and had "… sustained bloody cuts on his shins. He also reported bruises all over his torso and head where he was kicked." A supporter of his, Hannah Johns noted that after all was said and done, Carlos had attempted to press charges against the D.C. Police, however was informed he would face a counter-suit since one of the officers had sustained injuries after unnecessarily restraining him during the attack.
The following protest on September 29th wasn't quite as mired with misfortune as the previous rally was for Carlos, however he was forced by the police to remove photographs he had hanging near "Camp Alex".

Now we'll see if it gets published.

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