Friday, September 28, 2007

Right now I'm wokring on a zine based on some of my strongest convictions on contemporary society. It's kind of ranty, but I'm happy with it, and don't mind that I'm 'exploiting MICA print services'. It's got to be a joke that they have those signs hanging up. MICA doesn't hesitate to exploit the student body, staff and faculty, etc. so fuck 'em.
I'm pretty stoked about it, and plan on printing like a hundred and leaving them around campus. My zine class will also have a table at the Baltimore Book Fair, and will be selling some there. I don't care so much about that, and almost don't want to. I feel like people who would go so far as to pay for my silly zine would already identify with what I have in it, so I'm kind of conflicted about the whole thing.
I'll post some pictures maybe when I'm done.

This Saturday is another Anti-War rally in D.C.
October 9th I'll be speaking on behalf of Argentineans in respect to the "Che's" assassination fourty years ago.
October 17th is a mass action for the Baltimore Algebra Project, and it's going to be fucking amazing.

God damn. Baltimore, I hate to love this place.

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