Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hello great wide world of bloggers and blog readers!

I'm here to claim my patch of the internet, and make advantageous strides in the wonderful world of self-publishing. Believe it or not, I've given some serious consideration to starting a blog of my own for some time now, and finally crossed the threshold into documenting projects and groups I am committed to in a semi-responsible way.
The timing is weird I think, I'm in the middle of a book trying to get across the dangers of self-publishing (Cult of the Amateur, by Andrew Keen), and after attending his talk at the Strand in June I think it was.. actually agree with a fair amount of his claims. Another weird coincidence is I suppose the 'zine class I recently enrolled in at my school, and there was a brief pause where our teacher acknowledged how zines and zine culture almost come across as redundant with the advent of the internet and the ensuing culture that manifested itself out of bytes on computers.

Anyway, after a passing conversation with my roommate, and thinking about the matter briefly. Ultimately I inwardly agreed with her sentiment despite my more outwardly vocalized skepticism of blogging as a viable means of communicating. Hence my unveiling at 2-ish am. I certainly didn't think I would follow up with it, maybe for another month or so, but the strangely synchronistic activities I've been partaking in as of late have been pretty alarming to me, and thought it merited some documentation.

Right now, I can only offer some delirious rambling, and the beautiful but blurry view from my studio:
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